Thursday, 2 April 2009

TRANS Part 2 - Transient Conditions

Lisa Marie Damm Philipp Ricklefs Timo Schierhorn Sonja Vohland

curated by Nadine Droste and Swen-Erik Scheuerling – initiated by Wiebke Gronemeyer

20 - 28 March 2009
, Thursday to Sunday 12 - 5 pm

Preview: 19 March 2009, 6 - 9 pm

Hold & Freight, Unit 7, Apple Tree Yard, Bradwell Street, London E1 4DR

transient conditions is the second part of the exchange project TRANS. It understands itself not only as a reaction to the first part that took place in Hamburg in February, but also aims to draw attention to an alternative perspective in which exchange between artists, curators, and exhibition spaces can be understood. The connection between two specific places triggers an encounter with space and is concerned with its variability. This endeavour tries to explore the boundaries between exchange and exchangeability, and thereby internalises the inherent tense texture between determination and indefiniteness. Space as such becomes treated incorporating this duality, exploring it either as something manifested in reality or as an imaginative affirmation.

In response to this conception of space, artist Lisa Marie Damm suggested an idea from which the curators together with the other Hamburg-based artists Philipp Ricklefs, Timo Schierhorn and Sonja Vohland developed an exhibition model utilising the specific architecture and context of Hold & Freight’s project space: an expanse of water extends throughout the space and mirrors the vaulted ceiling structure. By entirely covering the galleries floor and subsequently withdrawing the room’s base, the gallery becomes a support structure for other, imaginative spaces and also works as a projection surface. The artists respond to this spatial intervention with works made in various media that merge into this structure and only reach a level of completion in the mirroring principle.

While for the first part of the project the curators and artists from London chose to travel through time and space in between the two cities of London and Hamburg, the group from Hamburg will cover this distance via plane. This implies that the crossed interspace between two places becomes an impalpable notion that can only exist as an imagination due to the relativisation of the spatiotemporal distance between both sites. In terms of the working process this means to work with an unknown component, an assumption, that only when coming to London can be verified. Against the backdrop of spatial and temporal relations the exhibition aims to visualize the states and conditions of being that only become apparent when moving through the space and that always contain the possibility of change within them.

Nadine Droste and Swen-Erik Scheuerling (HfbK Gallery)

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